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Invest in a Trawler Built in America: A Testament to Local Marine Craftsmanship

Hull no.15, the first build of the SeaPiper 37, is complete! This pocket trawler was built in America by expert marine craftsman with a keen eye for detail and a goal for excellence. It's been quite the journey and crossing the finish line is an exciting milestone for our talented Anacortes team.

Marine craftsmen team standing in front of SeaPiper 37 Compact Trawler in Anacortes, WA
Our talented SeaPiper team in front of the completed SeaPiper 37

When the SeaPiper brand was purchased by Marine Manufacturing Group and brought from China to Anacortes, WA in 2021, they had a well-designed foundation to start from. With our talented, local, and expert marine craftsman, this vessel has been elevated and enhanced, resulting in a swoon-worthy, head-turning, pocket trawler that may change the tune of even the loudest naysayers. The SeaPiper vessel not only captivates the essence of trawler tradition but also elevates it with modern craftsmanship. 


In a world that is increasingly globalized, choosing an American-made vessel like the SeaPiper 37, is a conscious decision to support local industries and economies. The maritime industry has long been the lifeblood of Anacortes, Washington. Located on Fidalgo Island at the gateway to the San Juan Islands, this coastal gem has, for generations, been intertwined with the sea, not only geographically, but historically and economically.


Tracing back to the 19th century, shipbuilding, commercial fishing, and canning were among the primary industries that fueled the early economic growth of Anacortes. The abundance of marine life provided sustenance and commerce, while the sheltered waters offered a perfect setting for shipyards and docks. Over the years, the maritime industry has remained the backbone of Anacortes' economy. Marine Manufacturing Group, and the dedicated SeaPiper builders, add to that backbone significantly with its incredible team of local engineers, welders, carpenters, fiberglass specialists, project managers, and administrators.


By embracing a product that is handcrafted by American marine artisans, one not only contributes to the preservation of local craftsmanship but also invests in the superior quality and reliability that come with American-made products. This commitment to local industry is a statement of trust in the high standards and work ethics that are inherently American.


The SeaPiper 37 is more than a trawler; it is a symbol of what happens when passion meets precision, and tradition meets innovation. Made in America, it is a vessel that honors the past while boldly charting a course for the future of marine craftsmanship.

Contact us today to learn more about building your own SeaPiper 37!

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