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How It All Started

The SeaPiper brand was first founded in December 2014 out of a desire to create something special: a compact seaworthy boat with impeccable range and minimal maintenance needs, all packaged in a comfortable, economical, and trailerable cruise.

SeaPiper's Origination

Ritzo Muntinga, the original creator and designer of SeaPiper, sketched the first drawing on a napkin during a flight from Hawaii to California. The vision centered around a new trawler design with a nod to the styling of the old Dutch fishing boats and trawlers found in the North Sea.

A Beat of It's Own Drum

"Usually, a boat turns heads because of its undeniable beauty. But occasionally, like in the case of the Seapiper 37, it turns them because it’s just plain different. With all due respect, funky even."

Power & Motoryacht Magazine - 2024

Classic Look, Smart Purpose

"Seattle Yachts is bringing back the SeaPiper 35—now the SeaPiper 37—a trawler for cruisers who know exactly what they want." - 2023

SeaPiper 35 Owner Review - Hull #14

Cruise along with Cavendish, a SeaPiper 35 and the last hull to be sold and assembled abroad. Current owner, André Lay, provides a thorough review of his experiences aboard thus far. - 2023

SeaPiper 35 Review

"If you’re looking for a distance cruiser that is affordable right out of the box, put the new SeaPiper 35 on your short list." - 2018

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