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Building Hull #16

Updated: Mar 8

Take a look behind the scenes at the SeaPiper 37 build. This vessel is currently available for purchase. For more information on the ordering process, reach out to our SeaPiper experts!


Explore the gallery of the first steps of the SeaPiper 37, hull # 16 build. Here, you will see the exterior mold of the SeaPiper hull - the fiberglass has already been laid. The SeaPiper 37's hull and superstructure is of resin infused vinylester construction providing better fiber to resin ratio, stronger laminate, lower void content and a reduction in VOCs (gasses) emitted during construction. Most coring materials used are PVC foam. The ballast is filled with lead bullets to accurately measure the weight.

The fiberglass finish is in gelcoat. Exterior deck and superstructures are white. The hull is gray with black anti-fouling paint. The interior fiberglass surfaces are finished in a white gelcoat finish.

In the video below, we provide you an aerial view of the build in progress. On the bottom of the screen is the hull mold. The raw fiberglass interior is set and we are working on adding stringers and frames to increase the integrity of the hull.

The deck mold is ready for the next step. This mold has been intricately examined to make sure all the ridges are smooth and any gaps are filled. Next, gel coat will be applied on the mold using a spray application to ensure a smooth, even coat on the mold. Then the fiberglass will be hand laid by our team, using a combination of tools to work resin into the glass.

After the fiberglass is cured, the deck is ready to be released. The gel coat becomes the shiny, smooth exterior finish of the deck, and the fiberglass is the strong skeleton on the SeaPiper structure. From there, the deck mold is flipped horizontally 180 degrees to merge perfectly onto the hull, creating the layout of the Seapiper 37.

There are many steps that will take these molds from raw to finished. We will continue to update you on the build progress, and look forward to sharing more video with you as the build continues.

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