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Navigate Economically,
Cruise Adventurously

Discover the SeaPiper, a pocket trawler that seamlessly blends simplicity, practicality, and affordability for a versatile cruising adventure! 

This compact vessel is crafted for boating enthusiasts seeking a clear mission – delivering economical, low-maintenance, and steadfast design in a conveniently trailerable package for diverse cruising experiences.  Designed to offer excellent handling characteristics and great fuel economy, the SeaPiper 37 radiates character without compromising on performance.

The SeaPiper will be equally at home island hopping in the Caribbean, exploring the Pacific Northwest, navigating the Great Loop, or cruising off the Atlantic Coast - wherever your next adventure awaits. Embark on a journey of affordable adventure with the SeaPiper 37 – where innovation meets tradition, and every voyage becomes a testament to the joy of cruising.
SeaPiper design drawing and layout
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